Legacies and donations

Recognised as a public utility since 1995, RSF can receive legacies, donations and life insurance policies and is exempt from inheritance tax. This support is invaluable to our work. Beyond the financial contribution, this kind of support represents the transmission of a heritage and, through this, the manifestation of values and principles.

Legacies and donations are acts of great generosity. We ensure that the meaning of these gestures endures through our action.

There is no minimum value for a legacy, nor is there a scale of importance. In our view, a "small" legacy is no less valuable than a "large" one. Every contribution counts. These contributions are fully exempt from inheritance tax. This means that your legacies and donations are paid to us in full, whatever their value.

If you wish to make a bequest or donation, please contact

Juliette Simon, Development Manager, at the following address: jsimon(@)ikiepewlso.tudasnich.de.

At your request, we can put you in touch with a notary who will advise you on your wish to make a bequest or donation to Reporters Without Borders.

What can you bequeath to RSF?

Here are the types of assets that can be bequeathed to Reporters Without Borders:

  • real estate: apartment, house, land and others,
  • movable property: furniture, object, jewelry, and others,
  • a sum of money, stocks, bonds, treasury bills, the benefit of life insurance and others.

How does a legacy work?

A legacy is a gift by will of all or part of a person's property to a beneficiary. The beneficiary can be a non-profit organisation, such as Reporters Without Borders. A will can be modified or cancelled at any time and only takes effect on the death of the testator (the testator being the person who drew up the will).

There are three types of legacies:

  • Universal legacy (legs universel) : the testator gives all of his assets to one or more legatees.
  • Legacy by universal title (legs à titre universel): the testator gives a share of his heritage.
  • Individual legacy (legs particulier): the testator bequeaths one or more specific assets - a sum of money, a work of art, an apartment, or other asset.

Contribute to our action and reduce your inheritance tax

The transfer of all or part of your estate to our association is an act of great value coupled with very concrete help. It allows us to act sustainably and to continue our fight every day

To reduce your inheritance tax, it is also possible to designate Reporters Without Borders as universal legatee.

How does this work in practice?

Reporters Without Borders would be responsible for passing on a specific legacy, net of fees and taxes, to the people to whom you wish to bequeath it.

This means that Reporters Without Borders will pay the inheritance tax on behalf of the beneficiary. The latter will receive the amount of the legacy without incurring any expenses. Reporters Without Borders thus receives a financial contribution without harming the beneficiaries in any way.

This act is governed by legal provisions. We advise you to seek the advice of a notary.

What is a donation?

Unlike a traditional “don”, which consists of a quick and simple transfer of money, a donation takes the form of a notarised deed. You can pass on an asset or a sum of money during your lifetime.

What goods can be donated to RSF?

Donations mainly concern real estate, valuables and all goods for which a transfer of rights or ownership is necessary, such as vehicles or copyrights. It can also be a sum of money, shares, or the benefit of life insurance.

These types of property can be transferred by donation, either in full ownership (all rights), in bare ownership (ownership is transferred without the usufruct of the property) or in temporary usufruct (minimum three years without transfer of ownership).

Property donated to a non-profit organisation such as Reporters Without Borders is exempt from all transfer duties, regardless of its value.

If you wish to make a legacy or a donation, please contact

Juliette Simon, development manager, at the following address: jsimon(@)ikiepewlso.tudasnich.de.

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